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Webinars are available for faculty and staff. Please log into Atlas and then open the Valencia EDGE.






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A variety of Canvas resources are available, including the Canvas Guides and Canvas Community. Additonal tips, tricks, and showcase resources are listed at the bottom of this page.






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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Canvas?

At Valencia College, you can access Canvas directly by visiting

When will classes be offered in Canvas?

All classes will be offered in Canvas starting in May 2018. Some faculty are currently piloting Canvas with students and sharing lessons learned with the college community in preparation for full launch.

What development options are available for Canvas?

There are a variety of development opportunities to learn more about Canvas. You can register for Canvas webinars through the Valencia EDGE, participate in a Circles of Innovation session, visit your campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation, and browse the 24/7 available resources through Canvas Community and Canvas Commons.

How do I get help with Canvas?

You can chat live 24/7 with Canvas support by using the “Help” link on the bottom left inside Canvas. You can also call Valencia’s Canvas Support 24/7 at (407) 582-5600 or email at during regular business hours.

How do I create a sandbox course space?

As part of the initial transition to Canvas, all faculty receive 5 sandbox course spaces and all staff recieve 1 sandbox course space. Contact to request additional sandboxes. Specify the course name, your username, and that the sandbox is for Canvas.

What strategies have Canvas pilot faculty learned to prepare courses for migration?

Valencia is currently piloting Canvas in the fall and spring semesters to prepare for college-wide launch in May 2018. During the pilot, faculty members learned the best strategies for migration include planning and thoughtful review of their current Blackboard courses. Several pilot faculty participated in a panel discussion hosted by Circles of Innovation to discuss the lessons learned during migration. The webinar, Lessons Learned in Designing Courses in Canvas: A Conversation is available on the Circles of Innovation website.